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The Method Of Study

Shree Mahaganapathithunai

Om Namonarayanaya! Astrologer: K.S. Krishna Swami!!

Sri Agasthiya Mahasiva Vakkiya Tulliya Naadi Astrological

To be found out through thumb impression (gents right, ladies left) of the concerned person. Will contain name, present names present details of predictions brothers, sisters, children wife and gist of future predication for all the 12 houses.

Money, eyes, family, education and speech.

Number of brothers and sisters affection, help or ill feeling in between self and brothers, and sisters, ears, courage.

Mother, house, vehicles, lands and pleasures.

Children, their birth, reason for not having children, adoption of remedial measures for having children, future lives of the children.

Diseases, debts enemies & court cases.
Period of marriage, reasons for delay in marriage names, lognam, of bride or bridegroom planetary positions and direction and distance of residence of the bride or bridegroom. Future life with husband or wife.
Longevity, accident & danger to life, age, month, date, day, time star, lagnam and place of death.
Father-prediction in regard to father, wealth, visit to temples, luck upadesam from holymen, charitable deeds
Profession, future predictions in regard to job or business, change of place, good & evils in profession.
Profits and second marriage.
Expenditure, foreign visit, next birth or attainment of salvation.
Santhi chapter : last birth, sins committed remedial measures for getting rid of the effect of the past birth’s sins.
Deekshai chapter : mantra jepam, wearing or raksha (talisman) for avoidance of enemies troubles etc.
Aushadha chapter :medicines for long standing disease and methods of taking them.
Disabukthi chapter : predictions for the running disa bukthi (major – sub- period)